Monday, 28 February 2011

Tidy up

I've just had a little tidy up of the links in my sidebar. Some of my well-loved blog sites have changed, moved or given up completely.
The Sarah Sellers site has been replaced by Tranquil, Peaceful, Calm but is by the same author. I have also added a link to her Wise Little Owls homeschool site which has excellent ideas, links and resources for education.
The link to my daughter Honor's blog is still there, even though she hasn't done anything on it for 9 months! But she says she wants to get it going again so we shall see.


  1. Thanks for keeping my side link on! I do read your blog regularly, even if I don't comment. Just know, I appreciate you! Thanks again!
    The Stay At Home Mom at Work

  2. You're welcome SAHMAW.
    I still follow your blog too.
    I loved the post about your daughter donating her hair to the Cancer charity. I've started writing for our local Parish Magazine and I referred to this in an episode I called 'Little Women'. My eldest daughter read it. She is approaching those teen years. It is very inspiring to read about young girls who do things like this.