Monday, 16 January 2012

Happy New Year.

I'm still here. Just had a little blogging break while getting through Christmas and New Year. Plus - we've had the builders in over the last few months converting our loft into an en suite bedroom. Hubby and I got to move into it over Christmas so we no longer share a room with Hope. Now we all have our own rooms. I shall have to post some pics soon. It's lovely to have our own space again, though the kids still manage to muscle their way in sometimes. For Christmas, Hubby bought me the first season of Lost and I decided to let Honor watch it with me, all snuggled up. Now she is totally hooked and we've stayed up really late some nights watching episode after episode. I'm still trying to make sense of it.
Honor and Henry are still involved in rehearsals for the local pantomime. I'm still enjoying the practise nights and have now been given the job as prompt. I have to really concentrate on the action and the script and it's not easy knowing if the actors have paused for dramatic effect or need help. I think one or two of those thespians get a bit irritated if I jump in too soon with their lines!

Apart from that, it's back to the usual routine.

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