Saturday, 28 January 2012

Crazy about cuisenaire!

I'm getting more and more into using the cuisenaire rods with the kids to help them in their understanding of maths concepts. They are so useful and the children enjoy 'doing maths' like this.
This morning, Henry used them to learn about odd and even numbers...

... and number bonds to 10 using the rods to make '10' trains to match the orange rod.

He then recorded his work on the sheet.
Following this, we looked at adding some series of 3 numbers, 2 of which made 10 and then adding on the third number. He got the hang of all this very quickly.
Then we got out the base ten set and practised adding 10's and 100's to a variety of 2 and 3 digit numbers so that he could see physically how the numbers change in a specific place. He was then able to complete some number sequences easily.

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