Wednesday, 25 January 2012


My granddad, or Supergranddad as we call him as he was a great-grandfather aged 95, died last Monday evening. He suffered a stroke a little while before Christmas and was unable to recover. He was very well cared for by my Mum and Uncle and the hospital staff, though it's been a very painful time for Mum and Uncle struggling with communication difficulties and watching him deteriorate and suffer. Now they are busy preparing for the funeral. I've been able to help a bit with this, but Mum and Uncle have most of it well under control.
Even though Granddad was 95 and had had a stroke, well, we knew he wouldn't go on forever, his dying still feels shocking. Age has nothing to do with it, his absence will leave a hole in our lives. Right up 'til the end, I could have conversations with him and get a more intelligent response than most people I know (no offense!) and he had a fantastic memory - puts mine to shame! And he kept himself as fit as he could too, working on his allotment, cycling, walking everywhere and wouldn't be beaten by his first stroke. The recovery he made from that was astounding. But this last stroke was too much for him and I'm glad that he's now at peace.

So, now, guess what? I've been trying to follow his example since New Year by trying to live a healthier, more active life. It's not easy and I'm building up slowly, but I have my bike out now and am using it. I don't get far. I am extremely unfit and I have to carry Hope on the back which adds to the weight. She'd make a good personal trainer as she shrieks "come on! go faster Mummy" and " we're not going home, yet!"
This afternoon I cycled up to the cricket ground where two new benches have recently been placed. One of them is in memory of the young lad, Jack, from next door who died just over a year ago and the other one is for Ricky, another young man from the neighbourhood who died last year.

I've just got back from another panto rehearsal with the kids. It's coming together nicely now and although I've seen it several times, it still makes me laugh. I'll be sorry when it's all over which won't be long now.


  1. oh dear Debs.....I'm really sorry to hear about your granddad.My thoughts are with you... 95 is quite an incredible age especially if you live to it still fairly active and with your mind still intact. Everyday at work I see that the seniors who are still the most mobile and active are the ones who have been determined not to give into slowing down but to press on with as much as they can each day regardless of their aches and pains. They are a true inspiration to me and put me on the road to being the fittest I have ever been in my entire life!! Just take baby steps, have patience and determination and it will happen, especially with the little cheerleader that you have! I started running 15 months ago 11 seconds was all I could do. I just ran my first 5 k (it did take me 40 mins though! )
    I remember you posting about Jack-very sad.
    Take care!

  2. 5k! That's great. I'd like to go running too, but it is difficult finding ways to exercise with a toddler in tow - that's why the bike is useful.

    1. Yes, it is very difficult to find the time and inclination when you have small children! That's why it has taken me 20 years to get into a good routine! It also helps that I don't start work until 9:30am so I have time before work when I still have energy!