Thursday, 24 February 2011


Wednesday was the day of the science fair. I picked this outing because years ago, when I was a science coordinator in a real school, I attended one of these and was blown away! Well. I thought it was pretty exciting. So I thought this would be good for the kids to visit this half term. Now. They did seem to enjoy it. Especially the hands-on activities. We could not get them out of the 'mad materials' room where they had fun making playdough, gloop and slime.
But the shows were, for me, a big disappointment. I've seen some very entertaining science shows for the kids in the past. The Science Centre at Herstmonceux, Hastings know how to do them. And the ones I had seen here before years ago were very good too. But the presenters didn't seem able to relate to young children and the rooms were hugely ovecrowded even though people kept getting up and walking out and no whizz bang special effects. No. I was very disappointed by this years' fair.
The kids did have fun. But they could have done it at home with a packet of cornflower and some alka seltzers for less than half the price. Oooohhh. I'm a harsh critic, aren't I?

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