Monday, 9 July 2012

Still Quiet

Yes.  Having had a few personal problems over the last year, I've not really had the enthusiasm for blogging but I'm OK.  It's nothing too serious.  I'm keeping busy and the family are all well.  I had a really great time earlier this month when my brother and his partner stayed with me for a couple of weeks from Australia.  Though the weather wasn't great (well, this is England) they enjoyed staying in my little caravan which I decorated British stylie with Union Jack bunting and vintage accessories which seemed to delight my new sis-in-law to be!  They went to see Coldplay in London and enjoyed our village Jubilee celebrations and provided me with some much needed support.  Thanks guys!
A lot of time these past few months has been spent sorting out a secondary school for Honor.  She has been very worried about moving on but is now very excited about joining a small, local grammar school and has already made lots of friends at induction days.  Honor has been working hard as an altar server at Church and is now being trained as a Master of Ceremonies, so we are very proud of her for that and as she will be leaving her lovely primary school soon, she has been very busy studying and rehearsing her script for the leavers' performance.  She is playing the part of Prospero in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest.  I delegated the role of costume designer to my mother and she has made a wonderful, magic cloak with hand sewn feathers and sequins on it!  I got a bit cross with Honor on the way home from school today because it sounded as though she is not taking good care of her costume and needs to be a bit more mindful of the effort that went into making it.
So, not long 'til the end of term.  Lots to do in these last few days....

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  1. Glad you are ok! I haven't been into blogging as of late either but I plan to get back into it late August. I'd love to see photos of your caravan. I have my eye on a very little on that is for sale close to my house.
    Blog again soon!