Thursday, 9 February 2012

Making a funeral wreath.

Last week was Supergranddad's funeral.
Mum put in the announcement 'family flowers only'.
Lots of people do this now, suggesting that donations be made to a charity.
It's a good idea, especially when you see just how much flowers cost.
When I looked up the cost of flowers to send, I was shocked but I wanted to send some so I decided to make my own wreath. After looking at some images for funeral wreaths, I came up with this one, inspired by a rosemary wreath I saw being advertised at $150!
First I bought an oasis wreath costing £3, and using greenery from the garden, pushed in the first layer working in an anticlockwise direction.
Then I made some fatsia japonica (also from garden) details at the top and bottom of the wreath followed by some lillies bought at the local supermarket - costing £5.
I filled in the rest with rosemary - also from the garden.
Total cost: £8.
I've no flower arranging training so I may not have done things as a professional would...
but, I thought it looked lovely and when I returned to the grave at the end of the week, the very expensive funeral spray (which did look fabulous on the day) had not lasted as well as my wreath which was as fresh as new.


  1. Finally I got round to commenting! I love your wreath! In a previous life (the one before kids) i was a florist! I think you did a great job!

  2. Absolutely beautiful - very classy and understated. Great job!