Thursday, 20 October 2011

Another trip to London

What a busy week it's been so far.
On Monday, Henry had his long awaited appointment at The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Kings Cross, London with a specialist doctor to discuss the apparent problems with the nerves in Henry's hand following his accident. The doctor thinks his hand will improve with plenty of physio and probably won't need to have another operation. So that is good news.
We decided to travel up by car because the train is outrageously expensive but the journey up there during rush hour was pretty bad and we only just made the appointment on the dot. We were straight in and straight out again and as Henry has found all this 'arm palava' a bit of a nuisance, and he is very fascinated by London, we promised that we'd take him to The Museum of Natural History.
Having recently visited The Doctor Who Experience, we decided to go back to the same car park by the Kensington Olympia which cost us £15 and take a taxi (costing an average of £9) to the museum which was not too far away. Entrance to the museum was free.
The dinosaur exhibit was, in Henry's words, awesome!

Here is Henry face to face with a King Cobra!

The three of us really enjoyed this part of the trip and it was great to be able to talk to Henry by himself about what we were looking at. Usually, we do stuff all together but Honor and Henry tend to behave like loonies when they are together (Hubby has now dubbed them Berk and Hair after the notorious duo Burke and Hare) and it's often difficult to have sensible conversations with them. And I commented to Hubby about how, if we homeschooled, I'd come to places like this all the time. But then I remembered that I'm the mother of three very crazy kids and there were a couple of times when we had to prevent Henry from launching himself over the balcony of the blue whale exhibit and so I'll let some other teacher worry about that for a while!

On another note (sorry Hubby!) just thought I'd mention that I really like the latest single Paradise by Coldplay. I'm sorry - but I do!

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  1. Coldplay are the worst group in the world. I remember their song that had the lyrics "I was bored, I was bored" and the other classic with the lyrics "Nobody said this was dreary"

    Sang by a stick insect, who, with one testicle removed and the other in a clamp, who continually tries to eat the microphone. I think he does this so that he can digest the fuzzy bit and move it through the bones, intestines, wires and general can't sing bits to replace the missing testicle.
    It is never going to happen; Give up and spare us from your pathetic lyrics and John Inman voice.

    God they are droning, monotonous, monotone, monosyllabic morons who do not deserve a recording contract.. Bring back Elvis, the Beatles, Beach Boys, Meat Loaf and the one hit wonders of the 80s

    Goodnight and God bless to all, apart from Coldplay fans. BOOOOO