Thursday, 13 January 2011

Spreading the love.

Oh frustration.
A friend of mine (LTG) saw the rag heart I made (see previous post) and couldn't wait to have a go herself. She sent me the photo of it and it looks great made out of her children's old t-shirts. I've tried to post the photo on here but it won't work. Such a shame. It does look good. I'll give it another try later. Meanwhile, LTG has craftily sourced herself 20 coathangers from a local supermarket and plans to make more with a class of school children.

I've been crafty, too. I bought an old dresser from a second hand furniture shop and painted it to go in the dining room. Now Hubby wants me to get rid of the filing cabinet in there. It's not very attractive but it is very useful for all my stuff.
For the dresser in our living room I made a felt flower garland. Might try to post a picture of that later, too.

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